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  • Chris Morrell

Quality is not a Journey - It is a Destination

One meeting with a customer changed my perspective on Quality and should change your perspective as well.

While meeting with a senior buyer, who was expressing himself on quality concerns, a young quality manager uttered a most often used cliche' excuse; "Sir, quality is a journey." With a mix of seriousness and a touch of humor, the buyer proceeded to school the young manager...

"Quality is not a journey, I am not interested in going on a journey, getting there is NOT half the fun! I am sure you are all fine people but I am not interested in going anywhere with you. I know what I want, how I want it and when I want it.... I'm buying a Destination!"

Quality is not a journey for your customer and it should not be a journey for you to achieve their expectations. First time right and every time right is not exceptional performance, it is expected performance. Quality performance is more related to customer growth and sustainment than price.

Failing to ask some basic expectation questions and you begin an unplanned journey... To achieve first time run right quality and sustain high performance you must know the customers' expectations - the "voice of the customer." To hear the customer you must first ask. It is an odd phenomenon that companies are often reluctant to ask a new customer basic questions. There are formal and informal ways to ask your customer and there are formal and informal ways to ensure your processes are aligned to meet the expectations. We can help you with this process and help you save and grow customers. Contact us: . We will get you to your destination, fast!

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